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Sustainable Tourism

All of our tours contribute directly to the local economy, while assuring the wellbeing of the environment and its people.

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From start to end, our staff will provide splendid atention and clarity. Our team is integrated by a group of passionate naturalist guides and biologists, who love to share their knowledge.

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All of our actions are filled with integrity, understanding the context in which we are operating. We are a reliable and trustworthy company.

Osa Wild

A brief history of it’s origins

An adventure of conservation and biology

Osa Wild Travel is a local Costa Rican company that promotes ecotourism. It was created with the heart of a tropical biologist eager to protect the rainforest and restore its ecosystems. Initially frustrated by the immoderate amount of land sold to foreigners, this young entrepreneur focused on finding alternatives for the wellbeing of local people through tourism.

Inspired by nature, for the people

This adventure far from being an economically driven initiative has always been oriented by social and environmental welfare. Osa Wild has focused on finding solutions to conserve and protect one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Ifi has inspired local people to preserve their land, and keeps working on the endless task of helping nature and people evolve together in a responsible way.

Connecting humans with nature
and travelers with the community.
Respect for Nature

The clear understanding of nature and its ecosystems is needed in our community. People can't protect and respect what they don't know.

Sharing knowledge

Due to the necessity of conserving and protecting our unique biodiversity, education is a fundamental part, not only in our tours but also in our community program in schools and colleges around the Osa Peninsula.

Meeting people

We consider that there is no better fortune when travelling than meeting people. Rural communities are full of wisdom, humbleness and beauty.

Awards & Accolades

For the past 4 years, Osa Wild has achieved the highest level of sustainability from the Costa Rican Tourism board. Luxury Travel Awards, named us Sustainable Tour Operator of the year in 2015 and Cultural Tour Operator of the year in 2017.


We highly value the importance of your life and the one of your beloved. It is mandatory to communicate any special health conditions, since hiking to Corcovado is not easy. We assure safety in our operations, but take into account that traveling with insurance is obligatory.

Sustainable Travel

We want our biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. We are focused on creating a better balance between social, environmental and economic factors for short- and long-term performance.


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