Cultural Spark

Osa Wild advocates a positive interaction between the tourism industry, local communities, and travelers, with the aim of generating substantial changes that minimize the pressure on our natural resources.
We proudly offer the possibility of sharing, living, and learning customs and experiences of the rural environment, promoting respect and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage.
We encourage you to experience an authentic and more intimate setting with families in rural societies that are cognizant of their own traditional habits and have a growing interest for the environment.

Tour on Cultural Spark

Gold PanningTour

    Gold Panning Tour

    Cultural Spark

    Learn about the history and culture of gold-panning with a local "Orero". Visit the town of Dos Brazos to discover this ancient technique.

    from $44.00
    Local Farm Tour Rancho Raices

      Local Farm Tour

      Cultural Spark

      Culture, traditions, passion, love, and respect for nature. Share some quality time with a local family and learn about tropical fruits, plants, and agriculture.

      from $49.00

        Chocolate Tour

        Cultural Spark

        All about Cacao, from fruit to chocolate bar, from the Mayans to present day, from the garden to your mouth. This is the best chocolate tour in the country!

        from $36.00

          Aguas Ricas Cultural Tour

          Cultural Spark

          Cultural activity for all ages. You will learn about the Ngöbe indigenous tribe and share traditional  stories. You will also learn about medicinal plants uses and remedies used by our…

          from $46.00

            Alto Laguna Indigenous Reserve

            Cultural Spark

            The Ngöbes are one of the oldest indigenous groups in America. This culture has been characterized by their respect to nature and spirituality, as well as the production of handcrafts made…

            from $75.00