Golfo Dulce Magic

Surrounded by rainforest and incredible wild landscapes, Golfo Dulce is a true sensory and interactive experience, and one of Costa Rica’s most important and vibrant marine habitats.
This tropical fjord (only 4 in the world) contains a wide range of habitats, from shallow waters and mangroves to coral reefs, but also oceanic deep interior waters.
The Golfo Dulce Magic, will captivate you with different activities like boat tours, snorkeling, kayaking, and even at night, with one of the most impressive phenomena: the bioluminescence.

Tour on Golfo Dulce Magic

Kayak Sunset in Golfo Dulce with Aventuras Tropicales

    Bioluminescence Tour

    Golfo Dulce Magic

    One of nature’s most amazing phenomena. Get ready to discover the biochemical light of the living organisms of Golfo Dulce. This unforgettable night experience is a must in the area.

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